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Solo for two


"The many facets of the unit. Identities of identity, are selected according to the vision of the viewer; entire half truths "


We are all viewed through the other's perspective. Based on this , the work show the conflict between essence and what becomes apparent. The unknown and the known, in us. SOLO FOR TWO is a contemporary work that presents the fusion of scenic languages ​​within the same proposal. The video, as well as ourselves, projects the image that is not always real, sometimes obscuring, sometimes revealing.


Oroboro 2013 

Direction and Coreography  Alex Soares

Set,video and light design  Alex Soares

Music   colage from various

Costumes  Cassiano Grandi


Running time  15 minutes


premiere in November 24th 2007, Galeria Olido, São Paulo.

Coup de grâce 2012


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estudos em Chrom.Aqui 2011 

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