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Memory reflections and its developments between childhood and senescence. This is the subject-matter of the new creation “OroborO” of the Brazilian dancer and choreographer ahead of Mov_ola Project since 2008, Alex Soares, which debuted in June at Sala Olido in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The project was contemplated in the 13th Edition of the Municipal Promotion Program of Dance.


Greek origin word, whose symbol is represented by a serpent biting its own tail, Oroboro reveals an image without beginning or end. “It’s a palindrome, which means a word that reads the same backward as forward without losing its pronunciation and gives the idea of something cyclic, which always refers to the beginning”, says the choreographer.

The piece deals with childhood and senescence, two distant places that at the same time are so close. “The children and the elderly have similar characteristics and in our called “adult” society, they are left aside. I didn’t try to dramatize but to treat both states as something close to one another”, reveals Soares.


The soundtrack was composed by bassist Célio Barros, who seeks to evoke, through music, hidden memories. In some moments, the music is performed live by the cellist Patrícia Ribeiro. “Some scientific studies indicate that music is associated with the most vivid memories of a person. This brain area seems to connect and link the known music with the memories and emotions” says Soares.


The regress to childhood, relations between lived memories, affective or not, courses the theme of the work. Regarding it, Oroboro touches existential questions, as presence and absence, often beyond our control.


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Direction and Coreography  Alex Soares

Direction Assistant  Samuel Kavalerski

Cast coaching Paula Zonzini

Composer  Célio Barros
Violoncello  Patrícia Ribeiro
Set  Múltiplo
Light Design  Rossana Boccia
Sound technician  Natália Yuke
Costumes and Photo  Cassiano Grandi



Running time  60 minutes without intermission


premiere in  June 28th 2013, Sala Olido - São Paulo


Realization/ CoProduction  XIII Edital de Fomento a Dança - Prefeitura de São Paulo


estudos em Chrom.Aqui 2011 

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