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Disorientations WiiSom




Inspired by the works of the British artists twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson, who became known for his works of video installation. The choreography lead the public to search similar to that afforded by the works of Wilson "disorientation", taking advantage of video and wiimotes (the wireless control of Wii game console that captures the physical movements of the person who handles, reproducing them virtually and in real time on the screen) to place in virtual dancers dancing scene with people of flesh and blood.


This increased to three-dimensional computer-generated figures of reality environment outweigh the dancers 'real' tests the perception of the audience: What is unreal? What is the essence?


Alex Soares had already work this issue in 2009, creating for São Paulo City Ballet the work WiiPrevisto, which toured Sweden, Germany and Holland in 2010.

Oroboro 2013 

Direction and Coreography  Alex Soares
Rehearsals Assistant  Paula Zonzini

Video Alex Soares

Light Design  Marisa Bentivegna
Music  Max Richter and Alex Soares from Olafur Arnalds's Brotsjor 

Costumes, Make-up and Photo  Cassiano Grandi

Set design  Wilson Aguiar 
Production  Tanza Produções
Thanks to  Studio 3 espaço de dança, Ribeirão Preto Cia de Dança and Cultura Inglesa

Running time  30 minutes


Premiere in may 26th 2011, Sala Crisamtempo.


Realization/CoProduction  15º  Cultura Inglesa Festival


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