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Coup de grâce


The French expression coup de grâce (in english Finishing blow) means "death" with intent to end the suffering of wounded creature. The duet "Coup de grace" refers to the doubts of accepting a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of relieving an intractable suffering without possibility of cure. Is it really possible to "gentle death, sweet, easy," without pain, to abbreviate very large and painful agony of someone?

Direction and choreography  Alex Soares
Rehearsals assitent Paula Zonzini

Light Design Alex Soares

Músic  Erbarme dicht - Johann Sebastian Bach - piano version by Frederic Chiu

Costumes Cassiano Grandi


Running time  10 minutes

finalist of 26th International Choreography
Competition - Hannover/ Alemanha


Premiere in march 25th / 2012, Galeria Olido - São Paulo


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