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Chromakey studies


Chroma Keys are giant green screens where the actors record the scenes and everything can be added later as scenery, lights, effects, creating the illusion that the actors are there in the real environment, but actually it is all a composition effects visual with the actors. Chromakey studies want "open another layer" that brings the work to a previous place to the final process, where ideas had not all visual accessories. In cinema, it would be the place where the finishing post production have not yet been processed or added. The north of the research was to dive and find "possible openings or spaces", where we could go in and divert the flow of the choreography, taking it to another place, the place of the earlier, pre, out of nowhere, the studio finally the place of Chroma, hybrid, between the questioning of their subversive way language research, deepening it, as the exposure is really necessary, at times emphasizing the whole by anything and vice versa.


Oroboro 2013 

Direction and Coreography  Alex Soares

Set Design and video mapping  Alex Soares

Music  Alex Soares from  Murcof, Philip Glass, and Bear McCreary

Costumes, Make-up and Photo  Cassiano Grandi


Running time  28 minutes


Premiere  january 06th 2011, Centro Cultural São Paulo.

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