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André Liberato

Oroboro 2013 

Graduated in Dance at the University UNICAMP in Campinas, he founded the Dance group Voluta that won the “Encouragement award” at Londrina Festival in 2007 and the top prize in the category “Contemporary group-advanced” at Joinville Festival in 2009 and 2010. Was contemplated at the Brasilia International seminary of Dance with a scholarship in Vancouver/CA where he studied contact improvisation with Peter Bingham, direct learner from Steve Paxton. In 2007 joined the artistic core Cia. Fragmento de Dança. In 2011 joined Cia. de Dança Siameses under direction of Maurício de Oliveira, where he performed “Nigredo”. Created and performed in 2012 a solo for the program “Site Specific: Novos Coreógrafos”, named “O limite do visível ou a Invisibilidade Limitante”. Since January 2013 integrates Projeto Mov_oLA under direction of Alex Soares.

Natacha Takahashi

Graduated at the Municipal School of Dance in 2008, where she was part of the “Corpo de Baile Jovem” and worked with the choreographers Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni and Mariana Muniz. Was part of the ensemble of Balé da Cidade de São Paulo from 2009 until March 2011, at the same time performed the pieces Paralaxes de Paranoias, Estudos em Chrom.Aqui, Desorientações de Wii e Som and Coup de Grâce from the choreographer Alex Soares, Projeto Mov_Ola. In November 2011 joined Cia Maurício de Oliveira & Siameses where she stayed until August 2012. In January 2013 returns to Projeto Mov_oLA.

Coup de grâce 2012

Had his first contact in dance with Hip-Hop Freestyle in 2006. In 2010 began his studies in Classical and Contemporary Dance at Pavilhão D Centro de Artes with the teachers Ricardo Scheir, Neide Rossi, Fábia Vasconcellos, Yasser Diaz, Andrea Pivatto, Eduardo Menezes, Cristina Laura, Claudia Riego, Fabiano Lima and Edson Fernandes. In 2011 joined as an apprentice the Group Divinadança under direction of Andrea Pivatto. In 2012 won the prize “Best dancer” at Passo de Arte São Paulo performing a work from the choreographer Liliane de Grammont. In 2012 was one of the choreographers for the Gala Night of the 30º Festival de Dança de Joinville. Currently integrates Projeto Mov_oLA, under direction of Alex Soares.

Ícaro Freire

Caroline Zitto

Was part of the ensemble of Ribeirão Preto Cia de Dança at Ribeirão Preto/SP under direction of Luciana Junqueira, where she worked with the choreographers Fernando Martins, Liliane de Grammont, Luciana Junqueira and Patty Brown. Participated in the process and première of the Project “Beethoven para pensar- Nona Sinfonia”, choreographed by Patty Brown in the theater “Teatro Pedro II”, Ribeirão Preto /SP. In August 2012 joined Núcleo de Pesquisas Mercearia de Idéias under direction of Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni. Since September 2013 is a member of Projeto Mov_oLA.

Paula Sousa

Graduated as a Major in Dance at SEAD, Salzburg, Austria in 2011 and in Contemporary Dance at the Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil in 2007. Joined the ensemble of Arsenale della Danza, Venice, Italy in 2012. From 2008 until 2012 worked in collaboration in Austria and Italy with the choreographers Carlos Matos, Davis Freeman, Francesca Harper, Jelka Millic, Jozef Frucek, Linda Kapetanea, Martin Kilvady, Quan Bui Ngoc, Renan Martins, Roberto Olivan, Todd Williams, Ko Murobushi. At the same time created pieces performed at Lust am Risiko Festival in Austria and at Festivals in Três Pontas, Brazil. Integrated the companies Ballet Jovem do Palácio das Artes and AMA. Cia de Dança. Since January 2013 is a dancer of Projeto Mov_oLA, under direction of Alex Soares

Adilson Junior

Born in Salvador/BA, he began his studies in dance in 2003 at FUNCEB and at the Ballet School Tereza Cintra. Later on he moved to São Paulo where he continued his studies at Pavilhão D Centro de Artes under direction of Ricardo Scheir. Was part of the Musical “100 Anos de Magia” with the Disney American Production, artistic direction of Robert Cloud and choreography of Roberta Cid. In 2005 danced in the TV Band with the choreographer Oswaldo Berry where later on was hired as an actor/dancer for the fixed cast for the Soap opera Dance Dance Dance, directed by Del Rangel and Ciça Castelo and choreographies by Roberta Cid. In 2007 working with the group Divinadança, under Andrea Pivatto’s direction, then joined the Cia de Dança de São José dos Campos under direction of Renato Vieira. In 2008 joined Balé da Cidade de São Paulo until 2013. Since 2014 is a member of Projeto Mov_oLA.

estudos em Chrom.Aqui 2011 

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