Paula Zonzini

assistant direction and cast coach 

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Born in 1977 in São Paulo , Paula Zonzini began studying classical technique with German teacher Kitty Bodenheim and graduated from the Royal Academy of Dancing , London , with honors . In 1993 , at age 15 , received a scholarship from the Laban Centre London , but she opted to stay in Brazil and joined the Cisne Negro Dance Company . At age 21 , Paula was invited to join the City Ballet of São Paulo . In the same year , was awarded by APCA ( São Paulo Association of Art Critics ) . From 1997 to 2010, belonged to the cast of the company , participating in all national and international shows danced works by several renowned choreographers . in 2010 , became a member of Studio 3 Dance Company where she remained until early 2013. In January 2013, she start to work on Mov_oLA project as assistant director and coach.


She graduated in Psychology. Have your own space following Jungian approach, related to the physical techniques. in 2009, did graduate work in Puc - SP-"Psychoanalysis and Language: another Psychopathology" - a specialization in Clinical Psychology. At the end of 2013, Paula ended the three years of his specialization in Analytical Psychology with body techniques in Instituto Sedes Sapientiae.


With Mov_oLA, she develops a work of Body - physics integration in which unites his experiences as a dancer and clinical psychologist. This dialogue is able to provide enriching experiences to the dancers, once through the body, expressive techniques, breathing, growding and dream work, they are invited to get in touch with their own emotions, images, memories and sensations, bringing self concious. To increase awareness of the dancer, her dancing (self-expression) also turns and can provide the most intimate communication with the emotions of the one who observes.


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